Press | 06. Sep 2018

ROBART Announces Launch of ROBART, Inc in US with New Vice President

Stephen Burns, Robart Vice President USA

Linz, Austria – ROBART GmbH, an Austria based global leader in AI robotic navigation technology, has announced the registration of ROBART, Inc, which will be operated from a new office near Cleveland, Ohio.

Founded in 2009, ROBART has focused on advancing navigation technology with more than 70 registered patents and in April of 2018 was 80th on Financial Times list of 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018. The move to expand forms a key part of ROBART’s global strategy to locally support customers in the core markets to continue that growth.


Michael Schahpar, Co-Founder and CMO of ROBART GmbH, explains: “Our vision is to become market leader for AI robotic navigation technology, which lead us to structure the company to deliver best service to our customers via local responsiveness.”



Statement Wernher Roesler

Wernher Roesler, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of ROBART GmbH, was tasked with creating the global strategy and finding the right people to lead the expansion: “Focusing of the leading position of indoor navigation solution worldwide, we understand the onsite support of our customers as one of the key issues to long term success. As one of the most important markets for AI and intelligent navigation, we know that a strong sales and technical support is crucial for customer service. Finding the right person, able to both developing a new structure with a strategic focus but also taking care of daily business with an extended hands-on mentality was a challenging task during the last months. I am very glad and proud to welcome Stephen Burns in his newly built position as Vice President Sales North America to the ROBART family. Steve has years of experience in sales, business development, project management and engineering in North America and will overtake the responsibility to develop and support the ROBART business effective immediately.”



Statement Stephen Burns

Stephen Burns, VP Sales North America adds “I am excited to bring ROBART’s advanced technology to customers across North America with a customer first focus. The market for home robotics is projected for growth at a CAGR of over 22% through 2023*, and quick development of new product will be important for manufacturers to be competitive. A partnership with ROBART expedites product launch for our customers as we can develop and provide the navigation technology consisting of software, electronics and IoT services.” *Per “Research and Markets”


  • Portrait Stephen Burns, Vice President USA
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ROBART为移动机器人开发人工智能和导航系统。 核心产品是ROBART导航系统,包括软件、电子器件和IoT服务。 主要客户包括领先的家用电器制造商,例如BSH,Rowenta,Kärcher或Medion,他们将我们的技术融入其产品中。 这家不断扩大的公司由Harold Artés和Michael Schahpar于2009年成立,已注册了70多项专利,并雇用了由70名高技能人员组成的国际团队。Robert Bosch风险投资集团,Innovacom和CMC-IC等知名投资者以及SEB联盟 SEB集团(包括Rowenta)的关联公司)正在支持该公司在全球市场的渗透。




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